Pumpkin Spicy Traditional Chorizo - 120g
Pumpkin Spicy Traditional Chorizo - 120g

Pumpkin Spicy Traditional Chorizo - 120g

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Spicy Calabizo is a delicious Pumpkin Traditional Chorizo with an unmistakable flavor, it has a spicy touch. Pumpkin-based vegetable sausage that perfectly imitates the flavor of traditional chorizo, presented in a pack of 3 units. Thanks to the pumpkin it has great nutritional properties, with a mild spicy touch.

Calabizo is an innovative food because there is no Vegetable Chorizo made in the traditional way on the market: cured and smoked with oak wood. Based on an ancestral recipe for Galician pumpkin chorizo. A traditional family recipe passed down for generations. Just the right amount of smoky and spicy.

The result is a sausage that looks, smells, and tastes like Spicy Chorizo but is made only with vegetable ingredients. For this reason, the result is a product of high nutritional value, low caloric intake, a source of fiber, rich in antioxidants, and the usual flavor.

Key Features:

  • 100% Vegetable.
  • Suitable for low-calorie diets.
  • No preservatives or additives
  • Traditional smoked and cured
  • Gluten-free, suitable for coeliacs
  • Suitable for vegans and celiacs, lactose intolerant, etc.


Ingredients: Pumpkin, onion, extra virgin olive oil, paprika, salt, garlic, and oregano.